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Statement on Why I Have Blog Posts About Disney.

by Daniel L Rappaport

Please read to the bottom, as there is a surprise!

"If your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme."
- Jiminy Cricket


I have lived by that amazing and prophetic line, from Walt Disney's Pinocchio, ever since I can remember. While Disney hasn't been the only lens through which I have viewed the world, because, well, even the Imagineers might tell you that that is entirely unhealthy, it is a rather large one, for me.


VHS tapes (remember those unsavory, clunky things?) of the likes of Mary Poppins, the Silly Symphonies and so may more wonderful films have always stuck with me.

And then, as a child, of course, Disneyland! I still remember when Disney's California Adventure was a parking lot!


As I grew older, I learned how Walt was not only in entertainment, but, into ideas about the future, better living for everyone, better ways to do things, etc...


He sincerely wanted to improve humanity as a whole and have fun doing it.


The only other person that I can think of, that even came close to what Walt was after is Leonardo da Vinci. Perhaps they are of the same DNA? Both are of European descent. It wouldn't surprise me in the least.


Anyhow, I am not going to go on and on with this Disney project and that Disney project. If you are even taking the time to read this, I will assume that you are familiar with what they do, because, well, they are absolutely everywhere.


If I were to pick one singular project that has inspired me the most, I would have to say E.P.C.O.T. Please notice how I spelled that. This would be the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. I don't believe that there has been any community before that, or since, with quite the same forward thinking vision as what Walt laid out.


Indeed. Today, we know it as a theme park. And, I both love and am extremely grateful for the big, humanitarian ideas that that park continues to create and put forth. No other theme park, as far as I know, on planet Earth, does this in quite the same way.

Disney reinterpreted Walt's vision in a new and different way, and I am all for it.


If I have anything to do with it, one day, perhaps I will be able to work with Walt Disney Imagineering, to make it happen?


At the moment, I happily live in Celebration, Florida, which is a Disney built community, situated on the original property that the company purchased for Walt Disney World.


Of course, I studied at the California Institute of the Arts, which is a school that Walt helped to found. It was his vision for the art school of the future, and, I think that he accomplished it. It also happens to be the finest animation school in the world.

I have also worked for Disney, in photography and event design.


What does all of this inspiration have to do with Pazzaria Productions?

Well... I am glad that you asked!


We are always looking for ways to present entertainment in exciting, cutting edge forms that, perhaps, other entities aren't quite exploiting as much. Some examples of this would be how we present our Apple books. There really aren't any fantasy entertainment companies who, in addition to an epic, heartwarming story, have full touch screen animations, as well as merchandise that you can purchase, within each chapter, that is shipped to the home.

These both bring one into our worlds in a much more immersive way, as opposed to simply not having these available.


Our website is also fully animated and extremely dynamic.


Now, about the blog posts...


We wish to share how we are inspired, by Disney, with the rest of the world, in the hopes that others will celebrate whom they look up to, and their own, individual heroes, in this forward thinking, synergistic manner.

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