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Want Some Spells?

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

by Daniel L Rappaport

Please read to the bottom, as there is a surprise! ______________________________________________________________________

Hippity - Bippity - Yippity - Yates… Do you like spells, or do you hate them?

Please choose wisely, for at stake would be you and your’s fates.


So, there I was….



"Oh, THAT'S a stretch!", burst out Morgana.

​"Now, now.... Let's just see what Daniel has to say, here. Morgana, dear.

You REALLY just need to let things happen, sometimes.", said Ariel.

"I do?"


Sitting there with a prequel and a sequel, in front of me.

Spark the Flying Frog and The Legend of the Lost Rose.

They were fun to pass around, and all, however, I knew that the power of three is something that I simply could not ignore. Not now. Not ever.

And then, there was this idea of a soundtrack for a book.


"Music integrated with a book.... Very, very interesting...", said Lazul.


It had been done, with another piece of fantasy literature (not Pazzaria Productions), long before the internet was nearly as large as it is now, to limited success, but, I was intrigued with the idea. Today, (meta verse or otherwise), we have the ability to integrate music directly into ebooks. This all took place, around three years ago, and still, to this day, I haven’t seen or heard about any other work doing this. At that time, Pazzaria Productions only had one music album to it’s name - “Pazzaria Productions - The Beginning”. It was high time to add another.

Here, too, today, do we have this power of three. “The Spellbook Soundtrack”, “Pazzaria Productions - The Beginning”, and “Pazzaria Productions Website Music Soundtrack”. The last one is, in fact, “Coming Soon!”.

So? What’s a spell book, and how on Earth does it fit into what I had already created? I definitely wanted to do something that would introduce one to the vast and dynamic worlds that are within the next two books.


"Yes! I approve, I approve! Let's do it!", shouted Morgana.

"It isn't for YOU to approve, or dis-approve of, you bumbling idiot!", shouted Kabire.


I had already had the wizard coven, from The Legend of the Lost Rose. I felt that it would be really interesting if we saw a book of spells that they might cast.

And so, I got right to it.

It showcases what one spell each, from four different wizards.

It seemed fitting. Spells are often akin to the creation of something. This is your entrance, “gateway” book, into the other two stories.

Please enjoy! ______________________________________________________________________

© and TM 2022 Pazzaria Productions

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About the Author
Daniel L Rappaport is the owner, CEO, director of creation (put in whatever fancy title you  want, lol), of Pazzaria Productions.

In short, he has over 25 years of digital media experience. Some of his "claims to fame" are doing work for such high profile companies as Disney, Virgin and FOX.

It's a sincere joy for him to be bringing his own entertainment magic to the masses.

Thanks for reading!

About this Blog
This blog is where the wizard coven has, through the special power of the faery circle, is able to see events in our world, and then, with broadcast, re-interpret them for your enjoyment here!

Once in a while, they may chime in with their own very "editorial" opinions!

Along with the rest of the website, this blog, too, has its very own soundtrack!

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