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Live a Disney Story?

by Daniel L Rappaport

Please read to the bottom, as there is a surprise!

"When you're curious, you find lots of interesting things to do."

- Walt Disney "Curiosity is definitely in my nature.", said Lazul. "Yes, yes, yes.... You are so curious that it can get annoying!", pounced Morgana. "Morgana! Again?!", yelled an annoying Grenadiya.

"Well, SOMEONE needs to keep things interesting around here! I can fall asleep amongst all of this "koom-bye-yah"!, yelled back Morgana. "Squish her to smithereens, Kabire.", pleaded Ariel. "Done!"


I would definitely call Storyliving by Disney a next generation in how a neighborhood should look, feel and operate.

As of the time of this writing, it hasn’t been fully built yet, but, they are under construction.

Disney is looking to the local culture as inspiration for the design of the community. As Disney commonly does, in some of the most recent renderings of the homes, they are truly going above and beyond.

In a good amount of their advertising and marketing for it, they talk a lot about “the Disney touch.”

There’s a tremendous amount to be said for that. I don’t care what design firm you might be associated with, or are a fan of, the best of the best has always been Walt Disney Imagineering.

They are quite the magicians.

I can pretty much assure you that, no matter what your initial thoughts might be, when taking your learning journey of Storyliving by Disney, in terms of videos, text and photos, whether positive or negative (especially negative) I would highly encourage you to hold off, and wait until you have actually stepped foot through the finished product.

Fun, Disney surprises are always awaiting you around every corner, most of which are never advertised.

I’m very much excited for it, and can see it as an alternate home.

To what degree Disney will imbue more entertainment elements (characters, shows, etc…), absolutely remains to be seen.

They are creating a shopping/dining/entertainment area, potentially akin to Disney Springs or Downtown Disney.

This idea of entertainment is incredibly interesting. After reviewing a good amount of material on this project, something in my gut tells me that it won't be what they've already done, but something entirely new and different.

This IS Disney that we are talking about, after all, and they try their hardest not to repeat themselves, as much as they can.

Every square inch of these neighborhoods will be absolutely tailored, perfectly, towards the community that will be shelling out who knows how much money to live in this ultra premium community.

If I had a crystal ball (and this is only me, with a deep rooted sense of how Disney works), I can easily see parades making their way through the community. Likely, there will be character meet and greets, for special occasions. Will they be anything as elaborate as what is at the parks? Probably not, but then again, I have no idea.

They talk a lot about drawing inspiration from the local area. What kinds of entertainment possibilities could arise from this? There is a strong indigenous American Indian (apologies if I am messing that up) influence in the area. Disney is big on multiculturalism. Will they bring in such performers, in a respectful and meaningful way? Again.... Who's to say? This isn't a theme park, and so, it would make sense to price their entrance fee (and there will be one) accordingly.

Whatever the case may be, you will get value for your money, in every respect. Disney's very, very big on that.

As well, they are, essentially, bringing the beach to the desert, with Crystal Lagoons® technology. This is totally revolutionary. True. Storyliving by Disney's very first community, entitled Cotino, is located in Palm Springs, CA, and isn't too far from the beach.

But, can you really put a price on the beach being steps from where you live? Disney is far, far from stupid, dumb or idiotic. This is a clear market differentiator that other communities, to my knowledge, just don't have. And, even if there is such a thing out there, there is no "Disney touch".

How does this inspire Pazzaria Productions?

Well, first off.... Walt Disney had a home in Palm Springs, so, why not me? But, that's just a bit more superficial. I have been to and stayed in Palm Springs many, many times in my life. It's a wonderful area to get away and vacation. It's far out of the way of the larger, Los Angeles, city and has a wonderful, distinctly different Southern California cultural flair, all its own. It's also extremely gay, so, I fit in perfectly. Like just about most, if not all of California, Palm Springs is incredibly welcoming. Be yourself!

It’s that extraordinary attention to detail as well as a laser focus on your placemaking and perfect community and city planning that excites me.

Since Disney won’t create Walt’s original city (as opposed to the theme park) of E.P.C.O.T., I may just take on that task, when the time is right. After all, to this day, there has been no better plan for the perfect city, and it would a crime to not, at least try, to bring this to humanity, while upgrading it to today’s standards.

"Well, well, well.... Does anyone want to move in, after it's built?", asked Lazul? "And be confined to the Earth, when I have many universes?", asked Kabire. "But, Storyliving by Disney are whole worlds unto themselves.", added Lazul. "Maybe we can, at least, check out that marvelous beach, as soon as it's ready. Morgana does NOT need to come!", said Grenadiya. "Agreed!", said Lazul.


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