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Add Some Sparkle to Your Life!

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

by Daniel L Rappaport

Please read to the bottom, as there is a surprise!

“Upon exit from the womb, there was a gigantic spark of magick dust that exploded.​" - Excerpt from Daniel L Rappaport's Apple Book - Spark the Flying Frog "Oh no, not a dumb report about this stupid couple! I hate being reminded of that idiot, Hexeba!", complained Morgana. "Morgana! Do you mind?! Without her, there would be no Spark. And, without Spark, our powers and energies wouldn't have advanced to where they are now! Even you can admit that!", proclaimed Ariel. "I hate it, but, nonetheless... Daniel has already written the report. Next time, his blog article needs to be about me, and me alone.", announced Morgana. "MORGANA!", yelled all of the rest of the wizards, in unison.

Spark the Flying Frog is part two of a three part trilogy known as “The Lost Rose” series, by Daniel L Rappaport.

It's a short story where here, we discover how our epic hero, Spark is born, and some of the trials and tribulations that came along with that.

You see, his mother is a faery and his father is a frog! At the time of coming up with the idea, sequels were (and actually still are) extremely popular in Hollywood, so, I thought.... Why not add my own story into the mix?

One of the more interesting elements of the story is the end. Without giving away too, too much, I will say that it involves a huge dragon like creature called The Apovil. He has Medusa style snakes on the top of his head.

The parents grow extremely concerned when they are presented with the representation of this immense creature.

This story fits into the greater realm of Pazzaria Productions and its mission by not only providing some context as to where Spark came from, but, also, to add another solid piece of valuable content for you to enjoy.

Lastly, there is full, touch screen animation, to where when you tap multiple times in succession, the animation moves forward, bringing you further into the story.

As in the other two Apple Books, there is also a piece of merchandise, that is purchased from within the book, that is then shipped to the home, and moves your own personal story forward, within our world. "That's all?! THAT'S the entire article?! What about SEO?! What about 2,500 words?! What about Google?!", asked Morgana. "Morgana! Are you EVER happy?! Anyhow, in truth, Spark the Flying Frog is a really short Apple Book, so, Daniel didn't feel the need to drone on and on, making up words, just to fill a quota. But, I forgot... You don't know anything about quality over quantity, Miss Doorknob Collection.", exclaimed an exasperated Ariel. "I can certainly see how this would be a positive thing to do, especially in light of the rather large distribution network that he is in the process of creating. It's my understanding that these blog posts are also going directly into his Google Business profile. Now.... If this isn't quite good enough for them, what is?", said a very calm Lazul.

"He, he, he, he, he.... That's the trouble with the great Google machine. You never know what it's thinking.", said Kabire.

"Wizards! We have overstayed our welcome!", announced Grenadiya.

"Debemus evanescere!", they all shouted at once, and then, were gone.


© and TM 2022 Pazzaria Productions

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About the Author
Daniel L Rappaport is the owner, CEO, director of creation (put in whatever fancy title you  want, lol), of Pazzaria Productions.

In short, he has over 25 years of digital media experience. Some of his "claims to fame" are doing work for such high profile companies as Disney, Virgin and FOX.

It's a sincere joy for him to be bringing his own entertainment magic to the masses.

Thanks for reading!

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This blog is where the wizard coven has, through the special power of the faery circle, is able to see events in our world, and then, with broadcast, re-interpret them for your enjoyment here!

Once in a while, they may chime in with their own very "editorial" opinions!

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