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This website has a soundtrack! It's featured in 5.1 surround sound.

The creative and artistic driving thrust of Pixie Dust Records is, first, it needs to support the projects of Pazzaria Productions. While doing so, the music will combine influences from all over the world, in order to produce new and different sounds. This is done, while always remaining classically based, so as to have the narrative qualities that are required.
​Please enjoy!


This is the music soundtrack to the Apple Book, The Spellbook, which you can find here.

Please enjoy!


This music is from various, important, early, tentpole projects from Pazzaria Productions, and is exclusively published by
Pixie Dust Records.


Coming Soon!

This music can currently be heard throughout

this website. We are planning on collating it all into a music soundtrack. Please stay tuned!

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