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North Hamilton Press is named after the street, in Beverly Hills, where it all began.

North Hamilton Drive


It was started out of a humble, one bedroom apartment and has grown into an extremely coveted publishing entity of purely interactive works.

We strive to focus on works that give a different spin on the "tried and true", and to add something new to the conversation. At this time, we are focused solely on Apple Books. We are always looking at, and reviewing other mediums.
​Whatever we do choose, it needs to be totally unique and support our mission statement.


Our Apple Book Series!

The_Spellbook_Cover _A_Hub.jpg

Daniel L. Rappaport greets you to the world of wizards, sorcery, and true witchcraft through the first part of the epic fantasy Apple Book series – The Lost Rose Series.


The first phase of the series comes to you as “The Spellbook”. It is available as an Apple Book, and is a unique collection of spells created by a group of wizards known as The Wizard Coven. They create a fantastical planet called Light, that exists within the universe of Pazzaria (as well as just about everything else that surrounds them!).


To experience a lot of their wonderful spells, you need to get inside the Apple Book!


Being a renowned production house, Pazzaria Productions tries to portray its mission in a unique way. Explore personal adventures in our hidden world for everything you do, see, touch, or wear.


So, discover the excitement of The Spellbook and its journey beyond!


Spark the Flying Frog is the second phase of the series – The Legend of the Lost Rose. The Apple Book introduces the spirited birth of an adorable flying frog named Spark.


His parents are introduced in the book. Hexeba, the mother of Spark used to be the queen of a fairyland. Michigan, the bold frog
s the father of Spark.


Together, they go to the town to buy a handmade crib from a deceitful wood carver. Discover what happens next by downloading the eBook from our site. Unearth the mystery of “1000 Dead” and what relates it to the family’s journey to the town!


The Legend of the Lost Rose is the final phase of the three part, epic series. It features the story of a dying planet that is governed by the rules of Magick. It is all about an enigmatic rose perched on the top of the mountain
situated in the North.

The rose is dying along with the planet, and if this happens, the entire world is going to plunge into complete darkness.


Spark, the young frog discovers the reality of the dying planet and ventures to the northern mountain to save the Rose.

Will Spark be able to succeed under the greedy and watchful eyes of Apovil, the dragon-like creature?

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