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Innovative Magical Environments is the extraordinary, extremely exciting and totally unique design and development arm of Pazzaria Productions,
where built experiences are concerned.

We like to ask the question....

What happens to your adventure, AFTER you leave the theme park?!

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Innovative Magical EnvironmentsDaniel L Rappaport
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Light - A Magickal Disaster

This all takes place after the events of The Legend of the Lost Rose

Light’s in absolute, complete, and utter peril.

All of the wizards, in the coven are all arguing, from high above, and
as a result, their voices (in ominous, echo-type sounds)
can be heard below).

The results of this are earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, etc…
(This would be created with various effects, in the attraction).

The Apovil is flying around, going nuts, trying to convince the Wizard Coven
to settle down, or there won’t be anymore Light.

Spark and Petite’s home is being torn apart. They are arguing. They have no idea where their children are.

The absolutely adorable, heartwarming and totally gut wrenching plan is for our guests to find each of Spark and Petite’s children, and return them to their parents.

Whomever is able to do so, each wins a free copy of each of the Apple Books (mission statement), as well as a special medallion, commemorating the event.

Concept Art


Please click the image in the direct center, to open up a larger version, or, click the image on the right or left to rotate the carousel!

• When - We aren't sure. We are aiming for sometime in 2024!
• Where - We have a very, very special place in mind. Quite magical (if you get our meaning). Other than that, we can't say.
• Why - To provide to the industry something entirely unseen, as well as to properly stake our place within this amazing medium.
• How - We know exactly how. Again. We are partnering with someone, well, magical.
• Who - You. Us.
​• What - Let's all see what happens, together!

Indiegogo Coming Soon!

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