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This website has a soundtrack! It's featured in 5.1 surround sound.

Our Mission Statement
Everything that a guest sees, eats, buys, touches, does, wears, etc..., all has to do with their own personal adventure within our world.


To this end, we are doing several very innovative and ground breaking things. This website is definitely an example of this. You see, the internet was founded on this principle of web pages being interactive magazines. What we are saying is..... Why not come from the perspective of how story operates, with regard to a theme park attraction? 

So, yes. We do have a backstory here:
Spark the Flying Frog is our main hero, in "The Lost Rose" Apple Books series. He doesn't know any magick at all. However, not only was his mother a faery, he also has many faery friends. He also just happens to have wings, and flies..

During some of his training with the faery called Iris Buttergrow, he was made aware of the faery circle. This training just happened to be for a very special mission to save his dying, Wiccan planet called LIGHT.

These circles are often made of stone, wood, and/or flowers and can be created by either the humans on Earth, or the faeries themselves, within their realm. As well, through these, you, our honored guest, will be able to see back into our amazing world of LIGHT, and, likewise, many of our unique, fun and interesting characters will be able to see out into yours!

Being that magick is very limited, on LIGHT, Spark is only eligible to visit Earth for about a half of an hour at a time. He first heard about Earth, when he was very young, and so, doesn't know too much about the odd planet and its people.

He does know enough, however, to provide the Wizard Coven some information, so that they can also keep an eye out. Thusly, he got inspired enough, as to provide the humans access to the world of LIGHT. He has done this, while utilizing their own technology, and business models.

As you move through this website, you will see lots of art, animation and music that tell our story.

Please enjoy this extremely unique and wholly original view of our epic, fantasy, entertainment company - Pazzaria Productions!

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