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So continues your story...

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"In lands of dreams, where stories weave,
Creators craft, in what guests believe.
Each touch, each tale, a journey's part, unfurled."

About Us
Daniel L Rappaport

Daniel L Rappaport

Daniel L Rappaport has been in art, digital media, design, magic, stagecraft, music composition, and all manner of other creative endeavors, all of his life.

He currently lives in Celebration, Florida, right in Walt Disney World, with it being a very consistent source of inspiration.

Some notable moves in his career have been winning the very well  respected Leica Fotographie International photography entrance, has worked on DVD and Blu-ray menus for the film Wild, with Reese Witherspoon, who went on to receive an Academy Award® nomination
for her performance, and lastly, a recognition
that he is most proud of.

A certification from The Disney Institute.

He enjoys coming up with new, different and extremely engaging ways of telling epic, fantasy tales and ultimately hopes to instill a sense of wonder and joy to all who come across this lifelong passion and pursuit that is
Pazzaria Productions.

Patricia Gresham

Patricia Gresham
Art Director

P.A. Gresham is wife, mother and grandmother. After growing up in the Pacific Northwest she took up residency in Southern California as a flight attendant for United Airlines, met and married her hubby of 49 years, raised 3 great boys and currently boasts of 4 grandkids.

A freelance commercial artist for 30+ years, she taught art history and graphic design for 9 years and entered the world of digital art 18 years ago.

As a gift to her grandkids she wrote (and illustrated) "CritterTales" and "Anything Could be Any THING" She currently enjoys her retirement years in the South by
free-lancing art projects, volunteer work and creating art and products for her Zazzle "pattigrafx" store and "aWeddingStoreandmore".

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